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Monday, September 3, 2012

Captivating Readers

I recently stated on a blog that I preferred to be captivated by a story rather than surprised.  I love surprises and all, but I think that twists in stories are given too much credit sometimes.  There have been loads of books I've loved that haven't surprised me in the least.  I think it's fairly easy to write a twist that your audience doesn't see coming, and what happens after they've gotten past all the surprising parts in your book?  Will they want to read it again after they know how everything turns out?

 I would much rather read a book that sucks me in because of its rich setting or engaging characters--because it presents a world I would like to visit.  This is my goal as a writer.  I want to create stories that enchant readers, just as the books I read growing up did to me.

So, what captivates you as a reader?  Are you drawn to a story because of its alien worlds?  Interesting characters?  Clever prose?  Do you want a story to take you somewhere familiar?  How do you think you can captivate an audience?  What tools as writers do you use to keep your readers stuck in your stories?

That's all.  Something to think about.


  1. I think I like a bit of everything. Right now I'm reading 'The Last Princess' and it's... okay. The subject and world is cool, but the pacing feels so rushed that I feel like I'm being hurried through each scene. I want to ask the author why he/she (author is Galaxy Craze) created such an awesome world, but doesn't let me enjoy it. I guess that's something I'm worried about with my writing.

  2. Whoa... this is something I haven't thought of before, but you're so spot on... this *is* what brings me back to a story... I want to be captivated too... it is the stories that enchant me, that completely immerse me into another word--it isn't about being surprised. Gosh, I loved this post, Jordan. Really great.