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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun News

So a while back my friend, Tony, mentioned that Adventures in SciFi Publishing, a website and podcast devoted to speculative fiction, was seeking new book reviewers. Shaun Farrell, the podcast creator, was kind enough to let me submit (I approached him after the response deadline) an old review I did here last year as a sort of application. He liked it--or I'm assuming he did--because he got me in contact with an author to get a copy of his book to review for the website. That author was Zachary Jernigan (really cool guy, by the way), and his debut fantasy I received was No Return. 

About a month and a half later I'd finished No Return but hadn't had the time to write my review yet. Shaun recorded an episode of the podcast saying he was stepping down as show runner. It was sad news. I'd been a fan of AISFP for years, and had even met Shaun (along with my friend, Tony) in Reno during WorldCon. I figured the new show runner, Timothy C. Ward, would want to pick his own reviewers, and I didn't bother asking if he still wanted my No Return review. Not long after, however, Tim emailed me and was enthusiastic about me submitting No Return, so I typed up my review, got it approved, and now it's posted! Check it out at!

It's small potatoes, I know. But I'm excited to be able to contribute to the AISFP community, and hope Tim takes my reviews for a long time to come. I read a lot of freak'n genre books and enjoy writing the occasional book review for those titles I think worth mentioning. I'd already grown tired of posting so many reviews here--I'd never meant for my blog to be about book reviews--so I am pleased to be able to write a few here and there on another site. Look for my book reviews at the AISFP website from now on.

That's all!