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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Avengers

My wife and I were probably the last two people on Earth to see The Avengers, so my review of it will do little to convince you whether you should see it or not.  You already have.  That being said, I need something to blog about, so I'm going to review it anyway.  And I've got a bit of tarnish to apply to its golden edges, so at least I'll be saying something different than the gazillion fanboys and fangirls out there. (To my detriment, most likely.)

First of all, I liked the film.  It was fun, and there were explosions, and Black Widow is really hot.  Oh, and the superhero stuff is watchable.  Worth two tickets on a Saturday evening.  However, I knew when I saw the promos that Avengers wasn't the type of movie I was going to go crazy over.  I wasn't going to line up and see it opening night, or pee my pants with geeky glee.  Why?  Because there is just too much going on for a good story to work.  This was action, action, joke, action, and that gets real boring, real fast.

I've seen all the films leading up to The Avengers, so it isn't as if I didn't get what was going on.  I really like Iron Man 1, and Thor.  The rest... meh.  Anyway, rather than writing all the things I didn't like about the film, I'll just direct you to How It Should Have Ended, because their clip sums up everything I found wrong with The Avengers.  Click here.  Enjoy.

Will I watch the movie again?  Sure.  Stupid fun is still fun, after all.  


  1. Okay... I'm the last geek to end up seeing it. And it'll be a week from today. No guarantee that I won't pee myself in the popcorn line... ;)

  2. I'll watch the "How it Should Have Ended" version after I see it! I do love it when different movies collide and you get to see well known characters interact with each other. Entertaining review--thanks for this! (Oh, and new follower ;))