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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Steve Jobs is dead.  If you're learning about this for the first time here, what the crap is wrong with you?  It's a sad day for tech-junkies, and apparently, a really happy one for apple haters.  You people, who stand up and clap at a man's death, are sick.  

Here's a link to an article that made me want to post on Steve's passing.  It's about a group of Baptists protesting Steve's funeral.  In their words: "He (Jobs) had a huge platform; gave God no glory and taught sin."   Now I'm no Steve Job's expert, but I can't think of  any instance where he took the time to teach me sin.  And isn't it a bit un-christian to murmur about a guy that just died from a horrible disease?  Where's the compassion, people?  And who can say whether he gave God glory or not?  No one but God knows the heart of a man.  Since when did one have to shout from a tower top that God is great?  Why can't these people just worry over their own lives?

Rush Limbaugh gave a great dialogue on Jobs today.  Whether you agree with Rush's politics or not, I highly recommend giving it a read.  And whether you were an "Apple Fan Boy," or hater, you can't deny the impact Jobs had on our modern world.

I listen to music and books on an iPod.  I buy all of my music through iTunes (and recently started buying t.v. seasons and movies).  I talk to family and friends on my iPhone.  And, I create worlds and give life to characters on my iMac.  Am I going to miss Steve Jobs?  Probably not.  I didn't know the man.  And I'm sure Apple will get along with out him.  However, I thank him for his contribution to humanity--his influence has directly affected my life, and hope that, as I do for everyone, that he finds peace in death.

The funniest, or saddest--depending on your view--part of the Baptist protesters is that they tweeted about their intentions via an iPhone.  It's idiots like these that give the rest of Christianity a bad name.  Thanks, ya shitheads.       


  1. I totally agree with you and Rush. Steve Jobs changed the world with his genius. Does that mean we can't live without him? Hardly. Steve Jobs greatest claim to fame is that he 'thought outside the box.' The world is full of genius and the best think of new ways to do things. As Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    Who would have thought that we'd be searching through mounds of data on something called the 'internet' with something the size of a cigarette case while talking on the phone? Steve Jobs did.

    Now can he take all the credit? Well, yeah. CEOs are in charge of the direction of their companies and I'm glad he took Apple in the directions he did. I like my iPod the way it is. Not just a digital version of a Walkman (I had a couple of those).

    As for those protesting Baptists... pfft... they should really be ashamed. Can you imagine Christ at Lazarus' tomb with a picket sign? They're sick people and a step away from any Aryan nation version of Christianity.

  2. When you said you made worlds and gave life to Characters on your imac I thought you were talking about me playing Sims on the computer:) haha RIP Steve Jobs.