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Sunday, September 18, 2011

God of Thunder

I'm getting really tired of superhero movies (X Men: First Class, I hate you).  Especially origins superhero movies.  The comics dudes seem to reuse the same troupes every time.  (I say this from a movie-watcher perspective.  I have never read any of the comics).  So I tread carefully when another marvel movie hits theaters.  It shouldn't come as any surprise, then, that when Thor came out I just shook my head and didn't have any desire to see it.  My sister and her husband invited us, though, and so Rhonda and I went.  (This was back in April or May when Thor came out).  I walked out of the theater afterward and am glad I took the time for this one.  I just finished watching it for the second time at home and felt it deserved a blog post.

The reason, or reasons, I think Thor is so much better than most superhero movies isn't complicated.  (Let's be clear that I think Batman Begins, and Iron Man 1 are probably better than Thor.  The Dark Knight towers so far over other superhero movies that I doubt any will ever be able to touch it, including the next Batman flick.  And yes, I know, BB and IM were both origins stories, but they kicked ass).  Thor, thank the gods, is not an origins tale!  Yes!  The protagonist already begins the story with his powers!  It's a redemption story, about a god who learns how to put others first.  It's simple, but powerful... which, in my awesome, never-wrong opinion, makes for the greatest of fiction.  I'll let the irony of that last sentence live forever in the digital heavens.

Other reasons that I loved Thor so much include: my love of Norse mythology, magic that follows its own rules (more or less), and last, but certainly not least, Natalie Portman.  Yeah, she's a terrible actor, but WOW.  I've had a crush on her since I was like fourteen.  My wife loves when I bring this up.

Most of you have already seen Thor.  If you haven't, do.  Unless you hate fantasy.  I could see not liking it if you don't like speculative fiction.  You'd be missing out, though.  Redemption is among the most human of stories, no matter your beliefs or way of life.  Everyone makes mistakes, and it is in overcoming them that we become noble, charitable, and wise.  Chris Hemsworth does a wonderful job at portraying a being who begins as an arrogant, self-centered, warmonger, to become an honorable, self-sacrificing leader, unwilling to commit genocide against his life-long enemies.  And on top of that, he's frickin ripped, so ladies, let your jaws drop to the floor.  He's nearly as hot as me.

I'd like to add that I'm a bit disappointed that Thor's only getting one movie before mashing together with a bunch of other characters for next year's Avengers.  Again, I have low expectations for this coming film... despite it being directed by Joss Whedon (genius behind one of my all-time favorite t.v. series, Firefly.  Cliched, I know.  All sci-fi/fantasy lovers love Firefly.  But hey, it's amazing).   Hopefully Thor will get more movies of his own in the future... and hopefully the studio won't dump Natalie and go for a cheaper love interest.  If this happens... death, and destruction, and tears.  Lots of tears.

Watch Thor.  If you don't, Odin will never welcome you into the halls of Valhalla.  (This is assuming we all die in battle, weapons in hand).

That's all.          

p.s. Does anyone know why my text is always jacked up when I post a blog?  When I write it, it's always formatted correctly, but as soon as I publish, random lines become indented.  It bothers me.


  1. Anything X-MEN is awesome.


  2. Love the first two. Everything after X2 has been a travesty. I really thought First Class would end the bad run. It didn't. Only compounded it. I'll admit it got very high reviews from movie critics. But they are stupid. We'll have to talk about it in person, as I think my argument for it being a terrible film is quite astute. Or maybe I'll force myself to watch it again and blog my thoughts afterward...

  3. Please, don't get him started . . .