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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More on John Carter of Mars

There is an article up at about why John Carter is being called the biggest flop of all time.  You can read it here.  It's sickening, really, once you understand that this film was deemed crap by the very studio producing it.  I can't believe that Disney won't stand behind their product.  I can't believe this film isn't even going to get a chance.

Everyone go and see John Carter.  See it twice.  Let Disney know that their "flop" is actually a pretty damn  good piece of entertainment.  It's films like John Carter that reignite peoples' love in science fiction and fantasy.  Movies like this can help or hinder these two fiction genres that deserve to succeed.  I admit, I'm a bit biased, hoping to publish my own fantasy novels in the future.  However, the truth is that genre fiction is by far the best written work being produced these days.  You won't find as many well-read, imaginative authors, who write so many incredible, thought-provoking stories, in any other area of prose.  John Carter will help kids and adults unfamiliar with the greats of sci fi and fantasy pick up some amazing books.  And this, of course, is paid forward to the authors.

Long live John Carter of Mars.

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