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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Prefect

The Prefect, by Alastair Reynolds, is an exciting space opera, with a detective twist.  I highly recommend it to anyone wanting an entertaining sci fi read.

I listened to the book, like I usually do.  John Lee is the narrator, and is well-known among the audiobook crowd.  Personally, he isn't my favorite narrator, but I've grown used to him because he reads so many books I like.  Stevan Pacey, or George Guidall would have been a better choice in my opinion, but no one listens to me.

Thomas Dreyfus is a middle-aged Prefect--a highly skilled lawman, in service to the Glitter Band.  The Glitter Band is made up of ten-thousand habitats that orbit a planet called Yellowstone.  The society that has created this empire is unusual... at least I've never seen their like in sci fi before.  They are a democracy in the strictest sense.  Each citizen is guaranteed a vote.  Groups of citizens get together and vote for different types of government within their own habitats.  One habitat might be a monarchy, the other a totalitarian dictatorship.  All that matter to the prefects is that everyone is given a vote.  This way of governing proves to be a problem once things start happening... prefects need guns, and the citizens vote no.  

Dreyfus is tasked with investigating a mass murder--a habitat that was blown to bits.  As the case unfolds, he discovers that the entire Glitter Band society is in serious jeopardy, from a nearly immortal enemy.   

The Prefect is an exciting thriller, with plenty of twists and intricacy, similar to novels written by Tom Clancy.  Alistair Reynolds is an author I intend to read more of.  The Prefect gets 4 out of 5 stars.

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