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Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year

Why do people always feel like the beginning of a new year is the time to start doing something they've always wanted to do?  Isn't it kind of stupid to recommit to things only once a year?  Personally, I make and break goals about a thousand times a week--I don't save them all for January 1.  So if you have some New Year's resolutions, congratulations.  Hope you keep to whatever it is you're aiming at.

One year ago I started writing on a new project.  It was one that I'd been thinking of for a couple of years.  It is the only project I had a title for before I began.  This might not seem like a big deal, but the title of the novel gave me the focus I needed for the story.  Fast forward a year, and the damn book still isn't completed.  I've written nearly 80,000 words.  Should be close to the end, right?  It ain't.

I have something called Canevergetothendingitis.  It's a very serious disease that some discovery writers suffer from.  Of course, those planners--those perfect little happy outliners--suffer from another serious disease I've heard referred to as Writingisboringcuzijustconnectdadotsosis.  Which of these diseases is more debilitating you might be wondering.  I'm not the one to ask.  I've only experienced the one.

Where is this post going?  If you're expecting this to be the part where I confess to really having New Year's resolutions, you're crackin.  I already said they're dumb.  No, I'm committing myself to something quite different.  I have decided to make an Old Year Declaration.

An Old Year Declaration could be described as thus:

1. When one makes a choice to stick to the choices one has already made.
2. Working towards a goal you have already failed, but very much want to accomplish.
3. Realize that, hey, you're just being lazy, and it's time to stop whining about how hard it is to actually finish something, put your butt in your chair, and get to work!

My Old Year Declaration is as follows:

I, Jordan, master of many things that are too complicated to explain on a blog that nobody reads, do make this Old Year Declaration, on 16 January, 2012, 10is p.m., GMT, to finish what I have started at the beginning of the previous year.  I will not spend time thinking up a gazillion other story ideas... well, okay, I will think about other ideas, but won't spend any large amount of time (the writing of more than 6,000 words) on newer projects until the completion of draft 1 for Gunlord is in the can.  I will outline said draft so that I can finish the bloody thing before the end of another year finds me with a dumbfounded look plastered across my face.  I will make Gunlord the best, kick-ass fantasy/western I can possibly create.  I will send it to many publishing houses of fine repute.  I will not focus on any other projects until my brain is exploding from an extreme case of awesome overload.  This I do declare.

Shouldn't be too difficult to get done.  Either my little girl is getting easier to take care of, or Rhonda and I are finally becoming adjusted to life as parents.  I am in no way saying life is a cake walk, but I've decided that I am ready to function again as a writer.  My writing schedule will have to change a bit, but that's okay.  Rhonda will have to help me help myself, but that's okay.  I'm going to finish what I've started.  And you know what?  I'm finally excited about Gunlord again.

That's all.         

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