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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2, and two vivd dreams

I know, I know, November just started.  It's not like I've progressed very far in my 50,000 word goal for the month.  But I had to note that so far, after two days, things are going great.  I've more or less reached my writing goals both days, (first day I went over, today I went just under) and something surprising happened.  Gunlord snuck up on the 80,000 word mark.  Ain't that grand?

I've been saying I had 70,000 words for so long, that it's pretty damn awesome to now think of it as plus another 10k.  And I think I just wrote the best chapter of the book so far.  It's a completely new POV, (I'll probably add her in as a prologue POV) she's a total beast, but gets some mega sympathy points.  It'll be fun to share this one with the writing group when it comes to submitting it in a couple months.  (Still have 3 chapters ahead of it to submit).

If the novel reaches the lowest estimate of finished word count, I'm half way there.  If it takes to the highest estimate to finish, only a hundred-thousand more to go!  (ugh... I've got to write faster!)

That's all.  Time to get some sleep, so I can wake up extra early and plunk out some more words.

*Cue chime music and air whooshing sound effects.*

Okay, it's the next morning now.  I had two weird dreams and I didn't want to do a whole new post for them, so I'll stick them in here.

Dream 1: George R R Martin and I, and one other dude who I have no clue was, went to the Hoover dam and walked around.  In the middle of the river below the dam, there happened to be a huge rock formation, kind of like Bryce Canyon, that you could go hike on.  George didn't want to go down there, though, so we just walked around the top of the damn.  Then we (me and GRRM) split off from the random dude and got in George's crappy blue Honda CRV to drive back to Vegas.  On the way, I tried on GRRM's thick nerd glasses, and continued to tell him my life story of wanting to become a writer.

I told him about David Farland's Writer's Death Camp I attended last November, sure that he'd be impressed that I had been to a seminar put on by a New York Time's Bestseller.  Also, I told him about the hike My wife and I, and another Death Camp attendee, went on with Dave and his family in Zion's.

The closer we got to Vegas, the more the landscape looked like Idaho in winter.  And then we nearly hit a horse and sleigh.  (GRRM isn't a very good driver in the snow).  I told him how much I loved Hunter's Run, even though A Song of Ice and Fire is my favorite of his work.  (I didn't want to fawn over the series everyone had read, so I picked one of his less-popular novels :-) ).  And then we arrived at the Con we were going to, and GRRM hurriedly excused himself from my presence.

Dream 2:  I'm on this bus going who knows where, and besides me and one other guy, the bus is full of women.  My friends Jo and Jane are there, and I have no idea who the rest of the gals are.  The other dude with me starts out as one person, then changes into another halfway through the dream.

The other dude starts off as my dentist.  Now I know it is very weird to dream of your dentist, but mine happens to be a family friend, so I know him a bit better than most probably know theirs.  (We've helped each other build cribs... his for his granddaughter, mind for my baby girl).  Anyway, so we're on this bus and he has to give me a check up, so I sit down on the examination table (of course there is one, though why it's on a bus I have no clue) and begin to have my teeth cleaned.

Then, without warning, my dentist changes into my chiropractor.  Again, I know my (I use my loosely... I've only been to get adjusted by him once, but I'll go back to him in the future) chiropractor a bit better than normal, because his wife runs a wedding supplies business out of a building my dad rents to them.  I proceed to have my back adjusted in this bus full of women.

End of dreams.  I'm just wondering now what in hell my subconscious is trying to tell me.  Any dream interpreters out there?

*crosses fingers in hope of GRRM dream meaning that he will have greater success than the master of fantasy himself... thinks the passing of the nerd glasses points to this unarguably*

*bangs head against wall beside his computer because the second dream is just weird*


  1. You, a random rotating dude and a bus load of dames? Perhaps you should be writing women's fiction?

  2. That's awesome! I haven't had vivid dreams like those for a long time.

    Maybe it means you're going on an extended book tour with GRRM some day. Maybe wearing his glasses passed some sorta hyper-vision to you. Have you felt any protracted rambling narration coming on?